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Rue Lagrange, 9

75005 Paris, France

 01 43 25 01 50



IME, Frockenbeckstrasse 6

52074 Aachen, Germany

 +32 1658 9045



23015 Milano, Italy

 02 36 00 65 93






Česká republika Praha





Finland Helsset


Ελλάς Αθήνα


Ireland Dublin




Magyarország Budapest




Norge Oslo




Sverige Stockholm


Schweiz Züri



Northern America


Canada Montreal


US New York





 +81 78 386 0860

Other Countries
0032 (0)16 41 44 07



Biotinylation Kits and Reagents

ChromaLink Biotin Protein Labeling Kit offers the complete solution to the quantitative biotinylation of proteins from 20 kD to 200 kD and from 25 µg to 1 mg.

ChromaLink One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit offers the complete solution to the quantitative biotinylation of 100 ug of antibody.

These kits incorporate traceable biotin on proteins and allows for direct spectrophotometric verification of biotin incorporation. A simple Ĺ280 and Ĺ354 measurement determines the number of biotins per protein molecule.

The ChromaLink Digoxigenin One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit is the first UV-traceable digoxigenin linker on the market that also allows multiplex indirect detection of antigens from any tissue or cell lysate. It is a convenient, cost-effective way to incorporate a digoxigenin label into a single 100 µg quantity of antibody all in about 90 minutes.

Code Product Name Quantity Price
B-9007-105K ChromaLink Biotin Labeling Kit 5x 1 mg  375€
B-9007-009K ChromaLink One-Shot™ Biotin Labeling Kit 1 labeling 200€
B-9014-009K ChromaLink Digoxigenin One-Shot Labeling Kit 1 labeling 245€
B-1007-110 ChromaLink Biotin Labeling Reagent  10 mg 300€
B-1007-105 ChromaLink Biotin Labeling Reagent  5x 1 mg 189€
B-1001-110 ChromaLink Biotin (DMF Soluble) 10 mg 215€
B-1001-105 ChromaLink Biotin (DMF Soluble) 5x 1 mg 245€


The First-Ever UV-Traceable Digoxigenin Linker with Multiplexing Capabilities


·     Complete Kit, contains sufficient material to DIG label 100 µg of Antibody

·     Fast and easy method to DIG label and determine the amount of labeling

·     Label and determine the extent of DIG incorporation with one reagent

·     Simple calculations based on UV absorbance estimates total DIG incorporation (moles of DIG per mole of protein/peptide)

·     Nondestructive assay does not destroy DIG labeled sample

EvaGreen qPCR Master Mix

Fast EvaGreen® qPCR Master Mix is a PCR reagent suitable for both qPCR using a fast cycling protocol and high resolution melt curve (HRM) analysis. The reagent system uses two of our breakthrough PCR technologies, EvaGreen® qPCR dye and CheetahTM Taq hotstart DNA polymerase, to deliver superior results when compared to other commercial master mixes.

EvaGreen® Dye: EvaGreen DNA-binding dye is the next generation dye from Biotium for both real-time PCR detection and HRM. The dye selectively binds to dsDNA via a novel "release-on-demand" mechanism that ensures low PCR inhibition and permits HRM application at below saturation dye concentration. Because the dye is spectrally similar to FAM or SYBR® Green I, the dye is compatible with all commercial qPCR instruments. Moreover, unlike SYBR® Green I and SYBR GreenER®, EvaGreen® dye is extremely stable. Finally, EvaGreen® dye is nonmutagenic and noncytotoxic.

CheetahTM Taq: CheetahTM Taq is a new, chemically modified hotstart DNA polymerase. Unlike Amplitaq Gold®, CheetahTM Taq can be activated in as little as two minutes under standard hotstart condition (i.e., 94°C in pH 8-9 Tris) with high activity recovery. Also unlike antibody-based hot

start polymerases, such as Platinum® Taq, CheetahTM Taq is completely inactive at room temperature and has intrinsically low DNA contamination. In addition, CheetahTM Taq is generally more stable at -20°C or 4°C than AmpliTaq Gold®, ensuring that the master mix maintain its peak performance following storage at low temperature.


·     Superior Sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

Comparison of Fast EvaGreen master mix and fast qPCR master mixes from company A and company Q in melt curve analysis. Analyses were carried out following the amplification of 400 pg of human brain cDNA using each of the three master mixes.


·     Suitable for both qPCR and HRM

·     Compatible with both fast and regular cycling protocols

·     Chemically-modified hotstart Taq requiring only 2 minutes to activate

·     Suitable for Taqman® assay



Code Product Name Quantity Price
31003 Fast EvaGreen® M. Mix for qPCR and HRM (200 rxn) 2x 1 ml  155€
31003-1 Fast EvaGreen® M. Mix for qPCR and HRM (500 rxn) 5x 1 ml 316€
31000 EvaGreen® 20X in water 5x 1 ml 186€
31001 EvaGreen® qPCR 2x Basic Mix (for non-hotstart Taq) 3x 1.7 ml 186€
31004 EvaGreen® qPCR 2x Basic Mix HS (for hotstart Taq) 3x 1.7 ml 238€
29050 Cheetah Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase 500 Units 248€

Membrane Solutions


We now offer micro porous membrane products, technologies and services. We meet filtering needs of customers in a number of different industries, including the biosciences, industrial processing, laboratory testing, food & beverage, electronics and water treatment.
.In our catalogue you can now find innovative and competence products, such as Syringe Filters, Membrane Filters, PTFE Membranes, Filter Bags and Cartridge Filters.


Code Product Name Price
SFNY025045N Nylon Syringe Filters, 0.45 µm 88€
SFPVDF025045N PVDF Syringe Filters, 0.45 µm 113€
SFPTFE025045N PTFE Syringe  Filters, 0.45 µm 135€
SFPES025022S Sterile PES Syringe Filters, 0.22 µm 191€
MFNY047045 Nylon Memebrane Filter, 0.45 µm 76€
MFPTFE047045B PTFE Membrane Filter, 0.45 µm 123€
MFMCE047045GWS Gridded Membrane Filter, 0.45 µm  66€

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