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Rue Lagrange, 9

75005 Paris, France

 01 43 25 01 50



IME, Frockenbeckstrasse 6

52074 Aachen, Germany

 +32 1658 9045



23015 Milano, Italy

 02 36 00 65 93






Česká republika Praha





Finland Helsset


Ελλάς Αθήνα


Ireland Dublin




Magyarország Budapest




Norge Oslo




Sverige Stockholm


Schweiz Züri



Northern America


Canada Montreal


US New York





 +81 78 386 0860

Other Countries
0032 (0)16 41 44 07




Antibodies & Detection Systems
Gentaur is proud to offer EPITOPE SPECIFIC RABBIT ANTIBODIES that are great for immunohistochemistry formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues with low background, high specificity, strong staining and high titer.
We also offer high sensitive detection systems that are optimized for formalin/paraffin tissues for only 10 minutes incubation for each component and are supplied both in simple, ready-to-use and concentrate formats.
These products are compatible with semi-automatic detection systems from LabVision, Dako and Manual for diagnostics and drug discovery procedures in clinical histology and research.

Code Product Name Quantity Price
E2364 Cadherin (pan) antibody 1.0 ml 497€
E1254 CD3 antibody 1.0 ml 484€
E2604 p27Kip1 antibody 1.0 ml 445€
E3344 PGP9.5 antibody 1.0 ml 445€
TMA-015 Anti-mouse HRP AEC Detection System 15 ml 263€
TRA-015 Anti-rabbit HRP AEC Detection System 15 ml 263€
TRD-015 Anti-rabbit HRP DAB Detection System 15 ml 263€

Human tonsil stained with anti-CD3, Cat #E1254



Human pancreas stained with anti-PGP9.5, Cat# E3344

Human prostate ca stained with anti-p27kip1, Cat# E2604


Human breast ca stained with anti-pan Cadherin, Cat #E2364







Find the full range of Clones, IHC Detection Systems and Ancillary Products on www.gentaur.com


The Spectrafuge™ Mini Centrifuge is ideal for microfiltration and quick spin downs from the walls and caps of microcentrifuge tubes. Requiring less than six inches of bench space, the Spectrafuge Mini is supplied with rotors and adapters to accommodate 1.5 ml, 0.5 ml and 0.4 ml tubes as well as 0.2 ml strips and individual tubes.



·     Complete with interchangeable

·     rotors for microtubes and PCR strips

·      Ideal for microfiltration and quick spins

·     Durable lid hinge

·     Compact design, small footprint

·     On/off switch

·     Five translucent lid colors available


The Spectrafuge™ 24D features precise digital microprocessor control. This centrifuge is loaded with features, yet has a list price low enough to make it the most economical high performance microcentrifuge.


·     Precise digital control Unique 24 x 1.5/2.0ml easy

·     access rotor Powerful, brushless drive

·     High maximum speed:

·     13,300rpm/16,300 x g

·     Display rpm or G-force

·     Exceptionally quiet and cool running

·     Optional StripSpin™ adapter


Code Product Name Price
C1301-230V-EU Spectrafuge Mini complete with all adaptors 299€
C2400-230V Spectrafuge 24D digital microcentrifuge 1683€
C2400-SS StripSpin Adapter for 0.2ml tubes  127€


Low Energy FREEZERS -85°C

·     Maintenance free system

·     100 mm highly efficient insulation

·     Possibility for remote alarm via phone or sms when the actual temperature is too far away from the set point.


Code Volume Height Width Price
LAB 11 130 litres 920 mm 720 mm 3,00 €
LAB 31 301 litres 920 mm 1300 mm 3,89 €
LAB 51 418 litres 920 mm 1700 mm 4,12 €


Density gradient medium for cell separation
 Gentaur’s GentoDenZ is just like its cousin Nycodenz a non-toxic, non-ionic universal density gradient medium. They both share a number of characteristics with their related predecessor metrizamide. However, the more stable, more inert nature of these compounds endows them with a number of favorable properties as a gradient medium. GentoDenZ is freely soluble in water and solutions up to 80% (w/v) with a density of 1.426 g/ml can be prepared.

Gradient formation:

·     In situ centrifugation (self-formed gradients)

·     Layering gradient solutions

·     Freezing and thawing


Separation of...

·     Mononuclear cells

·     Nucleic Acids

·     Cellular organelles

·     Nucleoproteins

·     Polysaccharides

·     Viruses and bacteria


Code Product Name Quanty Price
19-DENZ-50 GentoDenZ 50 g 48€
19-DENZ-500 GentoDenZ 500 g 385€

Tel: +32 16 58 90 45
[email protected]

GENTAUR is member of the Club Francophone des Cellules Dendritiques. We will be present at the next joined Annual Congress of the CFCD and SFI the 23rd -24th  of November 2010 in Marseille, France


Avenue de l'Armée, 68
1040 Bruxelles, Belgium


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