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Rue Lagrange, 9

75005 Paris, France

 01 43 25 01 50



IME, Frockenbeckstrasse 6

52074 Aachen, Germany

 +32 1658 9045



23015 Milano, Italy

 02 36 00 65 93






Česká republika Praha





Finland Helsset


Ελλάς Αθήνα


Ireland Dublin




Magyarország Budapest




Norge Oslo




Sverige Stockholm


Schweiz Züri



Northern America


Canada Montreal


US New York





 +81 78 386 0860

Other Countries
0032 (0)16 41 44 07



Luminescence & Fluorescence Immunoassays


The PdXPalladium API Fluorescent Detection Kit is designed to allow rapid screening of methods for Pd removal from solutions of APIs in DMSO, DMF, NMP, Ethanol, dilute HCl and Toluene. Standards or diluted samples are pipetted into a microtiter plate along with

 supplied Detection Reagent and supplied Sodium Borohydride reducing agent. After 30 minutes the intensity of the gen­erated fluorescence is read at 525 nm in a microtiter plate reader.



The DetectX™ Glutathione kit is designed to quantitatively measure GSH and GSSG present in a variety of samples. Total glutathione is the sum of the oxidized form plus the GSH. A GSH standard is provided to gener­ate a standard curve. The kit utilizes a proprietary non-fluorescent molecule, ThioStar™, which will covalently bind to the free thiol group on GSH to yield a highly fluorescent product. After mixing the sample or standard with ThioStar™ and incubating at room temperature for 15 minutes, the GSH-generated signal is read at 510 nm in a fluorescent plate reader with excitation at 390 nm. Addition of a reaction mixture that converts all the GSSG into free GSH which then reacts with the excess ThioStar™ during a second 15 minute






Product Name




Palladium API Screening Fluorescent Detection Kit

1x 96 well



Glutathione Fluorescent Detection Kit

1x 96 well



Cortisol Luminescent Immunoassay Kit

1x 96 well



Serum Creatine Kit

2x 96 well



Urinary Creatine Detection Kit

2x 96 well



Formaldehyde Fluorescent Detection Kit

1x 96 well



Retinol Binding Protein Immunoassay Kit

1x 96 well



Urinary Retinol Binding Protein Immunoassay Kit

1x 96 well



Thiol Flurescent Detection Kit

1x 96 well



Microplate Multimode Reader

Luminescence, Fluorescence and Absorbance


 The Modulus™ Microplate Multimode Reader series is skillfully designed for today’s life science laboratory. They combine the superior performance expected from single-mode instruments with the functionality of multiple modes. The Modulus™ readers have plug-and-play usability; they combine a color LCD touch screen with an onboard computer, which eliminates the connectivity hassles, cost, and space requirements of running an external computer. Once an assay is run, data can be transferred in Excel-compatible .csv format using the built-in USB drive and the USB stick that comes with the instrument.

The Modulus™ Microplate is a modular instrument that easily fits into most budgets. Purchase the technology or modes that you need now and add onto the system later as your needs expand. For example, the Modulus™ Microplate can be purchased as a luminometer, then fluorescence and/or absorbance modules can be purchased and added later. Installations take less than ten minutes and can be done right in your lab. There is no need to download and install new software. The Modulus™ Microplate instantly detects the newly installed module(s) and will automatically adjust screens, protocols, and options.

Luminescence Applications

·    Dual reporter Assays

·    Steady/Flash Glow Luciferase Assays

·    Cell Viability/ ATP Assays

·    Kinetics Assays


Fluorescence Applications

·    Quant-iT Assays

·    Fluorescein Measurement

·    Cytotoxicity Assays

·    Protease Assays


Absorbance Applications


·    BCA/Bradford Protein Assays

·    Protease Assays

·    Peroxide Assays













Both single and dual injectors are available for the Modulus Microplate Luminometer. Each injector has a volume range of       25 – 200 µl in 5 µl increments. Installed injector systems are automatically recognized. Injectors are recommended for labs running experiments with flash-based luminescence applications or dual-reporter assays. 


Computer Interface

An optional software program is available for those labs that would prefer to operate the Modulus Microplate Reader through an external PC.


Code Product Name Price
9300-010 Modulus™ Microplate Multimode Reader 7995€
9310-010 Modulus™ II Microplate Reader with Shaking 9990€
9310-011 Modulus™ II Microplate Reader with Heating and Shaking 11995€
9310-020 Luminescence Module, Factory installed. 6990€
9310-040 Modulus™ II Microplate Fluorescence Module 4800€
9310-050 Modulus™ II Microplate Visible Absorbance Module 2500€
9310-051 Modulus™ II Microplate UV-Visible Absorbance Module 6000€
9300-061 Single Injector System 2300€
9300-062 Dual Injector System 4200€
9100-036 Luminescence Light Plate 895€
9310-971 PC Connect Kit 149€

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