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Rue Lagrange, 9

75005 Paris, France

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IME, Frockenbeckstrasse 6

52074 Aachen, Germany

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23015 Milano, Italy

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 Lightning-Link™ Conjugations

The World's Easiest Conjugation Kits

Direct labeling of antibodies can offer significant benefits in techniques such as flow cytometry, ELISA, western blotting and immunohistochemistry. Without the problems of crossover and/or non-specific binding from secondary reagents it becomes far easier to obtain good quality data.  A reduction in the number of incubation and wash steps also makes assays less tedious and saves time. Unfortunately, there has been no simple way of making directly labeled primary antibodies - until now.

 Lightning-Link™ uses a one-step procedure which means that conjugates can be prepared with ease. Hands-on time is less than 30 seconds, irrespective of scale. Separation steps are not required. Recovery of antibody is close to 100%.

Despite its simplicity, Lightning-Link™ is a very sophisticated conjugation system in which the antibody is directionally coupled to the label (and not to itself) in a controlled manner, creating high quality stable conjugates.


·     Very easy to use

·     No separation steps

·     Virtually no losses

·     Little antibody needed

·     Easy to scale up

·     30 seconds hands on







Code Product Name Quantity Price
701-0000 Lightning-Link HRP conjugation kit 3x 100 µg 144€
702-0010 Lightning-Link AP conjugation kit 3x 100 µg 182€
703-0015 Lightning-Link R-PE conjugation kit 1 mg 276€
704-0010 Lightning-Link Biotin conjugation kit type A 3x 100 µg 209€
705-0010 Lightning-Link APC conjugation kit 3x 100 µg 197€
707-0010 Lightning-Link Fluorescein conjugation kit 3x 200 µg 158€
708-0015 Lightning-Link Streptavidin conjugation kit 1 mg 291€
710-0010 Lightning-Link Rhodamine conjugation kit 3x 100 µg 170€
718-0010 Lightning-Link PerCP conjugation kit 1 mg 276€
744-0010 Lightning-Link atto633 conjugation kit 3x 200 µg  170€
760-0005 Lightning-Link PE/Cy5 conjugation kit 100 µg 127€
783-0010 Lightning-Link Cy7 conjugation kit 3x 200 µg 182€

Check out the complete range on www.gentaur.com

Annexin V Apoptosis kits


We offer you high quality annexin V products for fast detection of apoptosis in living cells. Annexin V conjugates are specially engineered to produce enhanced fluorescence signals and photostability, which perform considerably better than other similar products in the market. Annexin V assay is so simple, takes only 10 minutes. Results can be analyzed by flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy. Complete kits of 25, 100, 400 assays sizes are available

Code Product Name Quantity Price
K101-25 Annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Kit 25 assays 213€
K102-100 Annexin V-Cy3 Apoptosis Kit 100 assays 408€
K103-400  Annexin V-Cy5 Apoptosis Kit  400 assays 954€
K104-25 Annexin V-EGFP Apoptosis Kit 25 assays 213€
K109-100 Annexin V-Biotin Apoptosis Kit 100 assays 395€
K128-100 Annexin V-PE Apoptosis Kit 100 assays 290€
K129-400 Annexin V-PE-Cy5 Apoptosis Kit 400 assays 1,175€











Graphs: Detection of Apoptosis with Annexin V-EGFP. Apoptosis was induced in Jurkat cells by compthecin (2 mM) for various times as indicated. Cells were collected and incubated with Annexin V-EGFP for 5 minutes according to the kits instructions. Results were analysed by flow cytometry.

QuantiChrom™ Assays

Solutions for Research

Gentaur offers you uncomplicated quantitative colorimetric or fluorimetric assays for drugs discovery, pharmacology and determinations directly in complex biological samples, food, beverages and environmental monitoring. The range includes 30 QuantiChrom™ kits, quantitative chemical colorimetric and fluorimetric assays and 8 EnzyChrom™, their enzymatic colorimetric counterparts varying from Blood/Urine Chemistry to Oxidative stress and Metabolism research.

For the High-throughput screening of Phosphatase, Phospholipase and other enzyme inhibitors we offer you the Malachite Green Phosphate Assay kit, sufficient for 2,500 assays in 96 well plates!


·     Very stable reagents

·     Sensitive and accurate

·     Fast and convenient

·     Robust and amenable to HTS

·     Simple and direct



Code Product Name # assays Price
POMG-25H Malachite Green Phosp. Assay Kit 2,5 200€
DIUR-500 QuantiChrom Urea Assay Kit 500 350€
DICA-500 QuantiChrom Calcium Assay Kit 500 340€
DICT-500 QuantiChrom Creatinine Assay Kit 500 350€
DIGL-200 QuantiChrom Glucose Assay Kit 200 320€
ECCH-100 EnzyChrom Cholesterol Assay Kit 100 370€
ECET-100 EnzyChrom Ethanol Assay Kit 100 350€


Vitotox™ 10 kit

Genotoxicity and Cytotoxcity test

The GENTAUR Vitotox™ 10 Kit is a unique method for rapid and cost effective high-throughput genotoxicity and toxicity screening.

Two recombinant Salmonella typhimurium TA104 test strains are used in the assay to determine simultaneously both genotoxicity and cytotoxicity of the sample. The test is based on luciferase reporter gene system which activity is measured by light emission and is a function of the genotoxicity of the test compound. Normally, the luciferase reporter gene is strongly repressed, but in the presence of a DNA damaging genotoxic compound the initiation of a cascade of reactions known as the SOS response will take place leading to derepression of the very strong promoter controlling the luciferase gene.


Code Product Name # samples Price
04-6400-000 Vitotox 10 kit 10 3300€



·     Very small amount of sample required                 

·     High reproducibility and sensitivity                 

·     Very good correlation with AMES test                

·     Rapid answers in only 3 hours                  

·     Low labor costs; automatic reading of kinetic data                 

·     No test organism maintenance required                 


One of the major benefits over the Ames test is that the entire DNA content of the cell functions as a target for the genotoxin to display its effect. In contrast, the Ames test monitors mutations only in genes related to histidine synthesis. This results in a significantly lower sample concentrations (up to 1000 fold) required for the Vitotox™ 10 Kit.

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