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Rue Lagrange, 9

75005 Paris, France

 01 43 25 01 50



IME, Frockenbeckstrasse 6

52074 Aachen, Germany

 +32 1658 9045



23015 Milano, Italy

 02 36 00 65 93






Česká republika Praha





Finland Helsset


Ελλάς Αθήνα


Ireland Dublin




Magyarország Budapest




Norge Oslo




Sverige Stockholm


Schweiz Züri



Northern America


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 +81 78 386 0860

Other Countries
0032 (0)16 41 44 07



Seroconversion Panels

The Universal Filtration System:

1.   Transport tube with spoon and glass balls for homogenization

2.   Plastic bag for transport of the samples

3.   15 or 50 mL tube with filter

4.   Pipettes for sediment collection

5.   Tube rack


Our HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C seroconversion panels consist of serial samples from a single individual collected during the development of infection and subsequent immune response. Our data sheets include comparative test data from commercially available antibody nucleic acid and antigen assays.

 We have the most comprehensive collection of Seroconversion Panels in the Blood-Screening Industry.  Most donors complete full Seroconversion Profiles from negative to antibody positive.  All testing is performed by Domestic and International Regulatory Agencies and Reference Laboratories.

•             Sterile, unadulterated plasma from asymptomatic untreated donors

•             Therapeutic grade source plasma (sodium citrate) that is frozen within ~30 min of collection

•             Available as finished 1 ml panels or in custom bulk quantities
Product Name Price
Brand NEW HIV Antigen Panels 1600€
Re-Released Anti-HIV-1 Panels with New Data 1150€
Re-Released HIV Antigen Panels with New Data 1200€
Anti-HIV-1 "False Positive" Panels 800€
Brand NEW Anti-Hepatitis C Panels 1300€
Anti-HCV Seroconversion Panels 1300€
Anti-HCV "False Positive" Panels 800€
Brand NEW HCV PCR ONLY Panels 850€
Brand NEW Hepatits B Panels 750€
Re-Released HBV Panels with New Data 750€

Parasite Filtration System

Many of human parasitic disease are intestinal infections and diagnosis is based on the detection of helminth eggs and larvae or protozoa cysts in fecal samples. For this purpose an appropriate collection, transport and handling of fecal samples is essential.

We offer a complete system for the collection, preservation, transport and concentration of parasites structures in fecal samples. The diagnostics laboratory can choose among several fixation methods: SAF, ECOSAF, MIF and REALFIX, and concentrate the parasite structures with our universal filtration system.

REALFIX: A new fixation solution, free of formaldehyde and heavy metals that improves the conservation of parasite    structures, compatible with staining methods.


Entamoeba Histolica/ E. Dispar: Trophozoite (A) and immature cyst (B) in Lugol




Giardia intestinalis:  Trophozoite (A) and cysts (B) in Lugol.


Ascaris lumbricoides:  fertile egg in MIF (A) and infertile egg unfixed (B).


Entamoeba coli: immature cyst in MIF (A) and immature cyst (B) in Lugol




Code Product Name Quantity Price
RP1200  Universal System 50 ml with SAF  180 tests 451€
RP1215  Universal System 15 ml with SAF  180 tests 451€
RP1400 Universal System 50 ml with MIF-Lugol 150 tests 583€
RP1415 Universal System 15 ml with MIF-Lugol 150 tests 589€
RP2040 Universal System 50 ml with ECOSAF 40 tests 119€
RP2041 Universal System 15 ml with ECOSAF 40 tests 121€
RP3050 Universal System 50 ml REALFIX  180 test 399€
RP3015 Universal System 15 ml REALFIX  180 test 432€
RP1600 Universal System 50 ml without fixation  180 test 348€

Alzheimer’s disease

Frozen Tissue Panels                         

These neurological diseased frozen tissue panels are designed for studying Alzheimer, Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), and Depression diseases. 6-8 same diseased frozen tissues with 5-10 µm thickness are mounted on a positively charged glass slide. H.E. staining, immunostaining, and in situ hybridization with proliferating cellular nuclear antigen (PCNA) antibody and P53 gene probe, respectively, ensure the quality of tissue panels. The slides are fixed and dehydrated with acetone for consistent results with in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry.


·    4 different Muli-tissue Panels with 7 different tissues

·    14 single tissue Panels


Code Product Name Quantity Price
T6236444Alz TsHAD-Alz-I (MT) 5 slides 855€
T6236445Alz TsHAD-Alz-II (MT) 5 slides 855€
T6236446Alz TsHAD-Alz-III (MT) 5 slides 855€
T6236564Alz TsHAD-Alz-IV (MT) 5 slides 855€
T1236051Alz TfHAD-Alz: Frontal Lobe 5 slides 402€
T1236052Alz TfHAD-Alz: Hippocampus 5 slides 402€
T1236079Alz TfHAD-Alz: Thalamus 5 slides 402€
T1236039Alz TfHAD-Alz: Cerebellum 5 slides 402€

Request datasheets at [email protected]

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